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“Former Googler Vanessa Fox has a unique understanding of search marketing from both sides of the table, and has been educating people about the world of Google and search marketing through speaking and writing for years. She thoughtfully guides marketers past jargon and distractions to focus on the best ways to reach customers in today’s ‘searching’ culture.”
DANNY SULLIVAN, Editor in Chief, Search Engine Land

This may be the first book that manages to identify and deconstruct the new search engine–centric world in which we live. With insights and tips for anyone doing business in the connected world, it’s perhaps the first must-read-to-survive business book of the twenty-first century. Highly recommended.”
JOHN C. DVORAK, columnist, Dow Jones MarketwatchPC Magazine

“Vanessa Fox has a fantastic perspective into the search marketplace. Her experience at Google and within the industry, combined with her ability to share those insights in non-technical morsels, make this book a must-read for anyone in business.”
RICHARD ZWICKY, founder and President, Enquisite

“Vanessa Fox grabs your hand, shows you the way into the big, black box of search marketing, and flips the lights on. You’ll walk away from this book not only getting it when it comes to using search to build your business, but knowing how to do it.”
TAMARA ADLIN, author of The Essential Persona Lifecycle

“Finally! A non-technical book about smarter search engine marketing. This is the search marketing bible for senior executives looking to grow their business.”
LEE ODDEN, CEO, TopRank Online Marketing

Reviews Across the Web

Compendium | Social Media Book Reviews

The author, Vanessa Fox, does an excellent job of organizing a potentially highly technical topic into an easily accessible format.  This is a good book for CMOs, online marketing professionals, agency personnel, and anyone that touches marketing strategy.  Vanessa provides a good introduction to search marketing and its place within an integrated marketing strategy.

Her approach is really an excellent framework for marketing, rather than just online or search marketing. Marketers that are familiar with classic marketing tools/techniques (psychographics, personas, etc…) will really appreciate the way she illustrates the relevance of those tools to search. Of particular interest are the sections that cover the use of free search data for marketing research.  At the conclusion of the book, the reader will understand where search fits in the overall marketing plan, how to plan/implement organic search marketing strategies, and which metrics matter for organic search.  Marketing in the Age of Google is required reading for our consultants at Compendium.

Society for Technical Communication Quarterly Review

It is an excellent read for anyone interested or involved in building a business case for search strategies… She redirects your focus to the bridge that connects a Web site, SEO activities, and business strategies with customers. She then catapults you into an overlooked approach to search…. Fox provides enough concrete information for you to act, effectively balancing the “why” of search with the “how” of using search to improve business… The strategies laid out in this book will give you an edge over the common practices of your competitors as you integrate search into your business and marketing activities.


The statistics and charts come fast and furious, and largely laid out like a Power Point presentation.  This is probably the volume to start your query on how to make Google work for you.

The Strategy Web

The book is based on the theory of having a web-strategy in place that is aligned to the company’s business strategy. If your company has the consumer approach understanding the needs, desires and motivation why consumers go online to evaluate products and services, then the book is a must read.


Vanessa is different because she understands how Google (search) works from inside out and how it will evolve to better serve the needs of its users. That’s what makes her book better than most other books that give you an outside view of how to optimize your site for Google… There are strategies that can help a business understand search and effectively utilize it in order to gain market share.

Above the Fold

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to read Marketing in the Age of Google, by Vanessa Fox.  This great book discusses Google and how it has not only changed the search engine game, but the marketing research game as well.  While there were too many great points and anecdotes to discuss every last one…

Business Insider

Marketing in the Age of Google”, written by ex-Googler Vanessa Fox is the best book that combines the art and science of SEO with the fundamentals of business.

Content Solutions: 10 Books to Help Build Your Online Presence

I had the opportunity to attend a conference focused on using the web to market your business. We heard from leaders of popular social media platforms as well as from Google, Google Adwords, and Bing… here is a list of the books recommended by the presenters in the order in which they were mentioned.


This is highly informative, strategic overview of search written for executives who need to understand the business impact of search without unnecessary detail about the mechanics… Beyond making the business case for search, Fox explains—in high-level, non-nerdy terms—how to implement a search strategy, how to get your business strategy and SEO technology in sync, how to separate actionable information from the mass of search and web traffic data generated by analytics tools, how social media marketing affects search results, and key search trends on the horizon.

Nic Lucas

In her new book, Vanessa Fox talks about the Marketing in the Age of Google…  Vanessa used to work for Google in their webmaster division, so that’s why I decided to get this book.  It’s a good read.  There’s only one point I want to take from the book and emphasis here, and it’s this stuff Vanessa quotes from Geoffrey Miller:

“Marketing is not just one of the most important ideas in business. It has become the most dominant force in human culture.”

Miller defines marketing as “[a] systematic attempt to fulfill human desires by producing goods and services that people will buy. It is where the wild frontiers of human nature meet the wild powers of technology.” He goes further to describe the marketing revolution of the 1950s and 60s as a shift to understanding that a “company should produce what people desire, instead of trying to convince them to buy what the company happens to make.”

I like the new marketing.  I like marketing in the Age of Google.  I love the experience of looking for stuff on the web and finding webpages that are a perfect match for what I was looking for.  It’s what I try and do when I develop my own products and services – and it’s what I now help my clients do as well.  When you are marketed to in this way, it’s a pleasure.  And it sure makes that ‘other’ type of marketing look and feel even worse.


Marketing in the Age of Google is not, therefore, about how to tactically implement search engine optimization, but how to think strategically about search and understand how your business fits into a search-based culture. And yet, those who know there is a financial reward for higher search rankings and a dearth of misinformation being disseminated on the open market, will be gratified to find that each chapter includes a checklist of useful, practical and actionable steps every Website can take to translate their unique value and points of difference into improved search engine visibility.

Overheard On Twitter

“We’ve been implementing awesome info from your book into our SEO/analytics work at HHS. It’s our search bible!” – @kayawalton

“Just finished MITAOG last night. Absolutely amazing! Thanks for writing a clear guide focused on user-experience.” – @BrentRyanSears

“Recently read Marketing in the age of Google by @vanessafox – Highly recommend it!” – @i_am_magnus

“Doing business on the Internet? Check out Marketing in the Age of Google by @vanessafox. Seriously good read.” – @andrewbishop

“Great read from Vanessa Fox on Searching.” – @EverythingSwan

“Shopping for storage is increasingly an online activity. I’m getting tons from “Marketing in the age of Google” – @SellingStorage

“Terminei agora há pouco de ler o livro Marketing in the Age of #Google da @VanessaFox. Excelente, recomendo a todos” – @tibelchior

“This book by @VanessaFox will change the way your organization markets — if you read it. Preorder now. I did.” – @MarkRWeaver

“Started @vanessafox‘s book last night. As expected, it’s full of awesome.” – @dbarefoot

“A must read book for all by @vanessafox” – @rzwicky

“Recommended reading = Marketing in the Age of Google: Your Online Strategy Is Your Business Strategy.” – @DebbieLaskeyMBA

“The bug guy gives @vanessafox“Marketing in the age of Google” 5 Scorpion Stings. (Good Book)” – @Thos003

“Just finished marketing in the age of google… Damn good book!!! Would recommend to any SEO, especially those who communicate with clients.” – @shuey03

“We need to read this: “Marketing in the age of Google” by Vanessa Fox!” – @m0remandee

“Read @vanessafox new book over the weekend. Ordering copies for my entire Team and my CMO… This is must read if you are in-house.” – @jeremiah

@vanessafox hey Vanessa, loving your new book thus far! probably going to buy a copy for a few clients too… thanks!” – @bradleygauthier

“Reading galley of Vanessa Fox’s new book, “Marketing in the Age Of Google.” Great intel from the former “Secretary of Stat-us” for WMC.” – @larrysivitz

“Just finished reading Vanessa Fox’s new book Marketing In The Age of Google and its a briiliant read.” – @eduardogonzalez

“I just finished reading this book recently and highly recommend it. Marketing in the Age of Google.” – @justindonnell

“marketing in the age of google = great SEO book! RT @IGSpeaks@ch3rylrecommends @VanessaFox as a resource for SEO.” – @ch3ryl

“Reading “Marketing in the Age of Google” by Vanessa Fox. I highly recommend it…” – @seo_practices

“Second that. Must read book. RT @ch3ryl: SEO panel with @vanessafox, author of must-read: “Marketing in the Age of Google” – @jakebrewer

“Marketing in the Age of Google by Vanessa Fox is a must read if you do business on the internet. Fantastic!” – @NanoPlanet

“Thoroughly enjoying Vanessa Foxs’ “Marketing in the Age of Google”. great read.” – @CoolMoozie

@vanessafox just picked up your book at barnes&nobles. 5 pages in and i already see this as a marketing tool. free copy to potential clients” – @click2rank

“Recommend read for C-Level to understand how search has changed everything, “Marketing in the Age of Google” , Vanessa Fox (Former Googler)” – @nuttakorn

“Just finished “Marketing in the Age of Google” by @vanessafox. A great read on how to make search a primary focus for your business. 10/10!” – @rrolfe

“Reading Vanessa Fox”s (@vanessafox ) “Marketing in the Age of Google. Good read, good content. #leanstartup #marketing” – @JMikeSmith

@vanessafox Just finished your book. Loved. it.” – @ModernMarketing

“If there’s one book you should grab for your C-levels is Marketing in the age of Google by Vanessa Fox” – @dericloh

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