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I write a lot. In lots of places. But mostly about search. Yet I have opinions about all kinds of things.

I’m a entrepreneur in Seattle.  I’ve been running a profitable, boot-strapped startup for over three years. I’m a woman in technology. I’ve been building web sites since 1995. I’ve worked for huge corporations, tiny companies, and everything in between. I’ve been the most junior person at a company and now I’m a CEO. I’ve built software. Managed developers. Been an advisor for other startups. Performed due diligence for venture capital firms and have been the one asking the tough questions at VC pitch meetings. I travel a lot. In the last year, I’ve been to six continents. I do a lot of public speaking. I love food. I wrote a book.

Maybe writing about some of these things will be helpful to someone else, and to that end, welcome to the new site. I’m relaunching my company site,, at the same time I launch this site, and the writing is going to heat up over there too.

Turns out that running a company and traveling around the world takes up a lot of time, so I’ve decided to just take my own advice and launch early and often with these sites, even though a bunch of stuff is still under construction. We’ll be fixing stuff throughout the coming days and stay tuned for a lot more!

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  • What I’m Working On Now

    SEO metrics that matter and actionable insights for improving qualified traffic from unpaid search.

    Google webmaster tools + web analytics come together for a comprehensive view of how your site performs in Google unpaid search. Uncover "not provided" data, better understand your audiences, and monitor SEO and engagement metrics.

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  • The BookThe BookThe Book My book Marketing in the Age of Google, has been called the “search marketing bible” and "first must-read-to-survive business book of the twenty-first century". Buy your copy today.
  • About Vanessa Fox

    Vanessa Fox
    I write and speak about the search engine industry and searcher behavior and help companies with online strategy and audience engagement. I'm fascinated by our searching culture and how it's shifted the way we seek out and consume information.

    In 2010, I wrote Marketing in the Age of Google, which I updated and released as a second edition in 2012.

    In 2008, I founded Nine By Blue and Blueprint Search Analytics, which I sold in 2013.

    I used to work at Google, where I built Webmaster Central and helped launch

    Now I'm CEO of Keylime Toolbox, software that generates online performance insights from Google Webmaster Tools, web analytics, and server logs for organizations of all sizes.

    I'm also traveling the United States in an RV, working from a different city every day.

  • Girl Meets Road

    I'm working from a different city every day, traveling the country in my Roadtrek 170. See where I am now at Girl Meets Road.
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