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October 2, 2014

Forcing Balance: A Wild and Crazy Road by Vanessa Fox

I’m writing this from the woods off the coast of Georgia. Outside, all I can see are stars. Well, mostly all I see is dark, but also stars through the gaps in the trees. The only sound is crickets. Which … Continue reading »

I don’t understand people who don’t drink coffee. I don’t mean that I don’t understand them philosophically, like why are they against such an awesome beverage? I mean that I literally don’t understand how their bodies are physically capable of … Continue reading »

Last week, I talked with a BBC reporter about a story she’s writing on the importance of networks for women (I’ll add the link when the article is published in a few weeks). I think this is an important issue, … Continue reading »

January 15, 2013

Active Users, Habits, and Puppies by Vanessa Fox

I just finished The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, which talks about identifying and improving habits. (You can’t really “break” habits; the best you can do is replace the routine withe something … Continue reading »

Seattle Startup Weekend Women’s Edition is this weekend and I’m a coach. But hey, where’s the men’s edition? Can’t women attend the regular startup weekends? Is this discrimination or what? Our Network is Based On Who We Know (And Who Our Network Knows) … Continue reading »

January 2, 2012

Learning How To Say No Isn’t the Answer by Vanessa Fox

A popular new year’s resolution among those of us in the tech world seems to be focused on getting out from under being so overwhelmed. We’re drowning in a sea of information, our to do lists, our email, travel, work. … Continue reading »

September 10, 2011

Stop Working So Hard by Vanessa Fox

Sometimes working really hard isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s even the wrong thing to move you forward. I was thinking about this the other day, not as I was running my company and pondering being the “duct tape” of my organization … Continue reading »

This is not a post about Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. I mean, it sort of is, except that I don’t actually know who they are and haven’t ever seen them except on magazine covers in the grocery store. This … Continue reading »

August 4, 2011

Gender and Entrepreneurs And Who Gets Tired by Vanessa Fox

Tonight, I came across a series of tweets by Tara Hunt (who is, like me, a woman entrepreneur). The tweets were about a blog post written by another woman entrepreneur. Tara’s first tweet linked to the post in question in obvious … Continue reading »

July 22, 2011

Back to Blogging by Vanessa Fox

I write a lot. In lots of places. But mostly about search. Yet I have opinions about all kinds of things. I’m a entrepreneur in Seattle.  I’ve been running a profitable, boot-strapped startup for over three years. I’m a woman … Continue reading »